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Erin Kelly

Erin Kelly | Kristen Weaver Photography

With a devotion for designing, an eye for eclectic matches, and a major attention to detail, Erin is inspired by unique plants, prismatic colors, and worldly textures.  Along with her role as a social media guru, Erin has a soft spot for a good Instagram aesthetic and a stylized Pinterest board. When she’s not sipping a Blue Moon, listening Led Zeppelin, or collecting succulents, you can find Erin writing the latest love story on the KWP blog.  Erin’s organization is derived from her self-titled nickname “Queen of Lists.” With her quick-witted personality Erin brings a bit of unfiltered humor to the studio.

I was a hipster before it was cool.

As a graduate from the University of Central Florida, Erin studied Film and Mass Communication. With an appreciation for production design, she has curated multiple styled shoots for KWP. Although born and raised in south Detroit, Erin has always considered herself a Californian at heart. With technology surrounding her, Erin fills her days in the studio writing charming narrations of the pretty pictures captured by the KWP team.