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Gabe Cortese

Gabe Cortese | Kristen Weaver Photography


Gabe believes artistry can be found in imperfect places, sometimes not in focus, sometimes blurred, and maybe a little crooked - always real, always captivating and bursting with creativity. As a visual artist, Gabe has a knack for incorporating his skills as an accomplished painter and making his subjects into his canvas.

I’m always trying to push myself creatively.”

While Gabe has a unique and extraordinary flair for photography, he demonstrates a mastery in a multitude of creative genres. He illustrates his passion invariably as a Studio Art major at the University of Central Florida. But of course, his love for painting stemmed from his mother, who is an artist in her own right. His love for art had been instilled in him at a young age, but when he picked up a camera he quickly learned about painting with light and shadow on a figure to create a captivating image. With an aspiration of ultimately becoming a fashion photographer, and a foundation in portraiture painting, Gabe looks through the lens with a rare perspective.

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