Kristen Weaver Photography

Lacey Irving



Whether it be a Tuesday night-in watching Fixer Upper with a glass of white wine, or shopping for a new planner to keep her life organized, Lacey finds comfort in simplicity. If you need to get on Kristen’s schedule quickly, she can be bribed with tacos. Her other favorite work surprise is receiving a bundle of roses from her husband. Lacey’s re-organizational skills are so impeccable, that she oftentimes makes it so that her coworkers can’t seem to find anything. But what’s a Studio Manager without her ability to tidy up an office?

I’ll just stay if you need me to?”... and the rest is history

Lacey is the machine that keeps the KWP studio going. She is a hard worker and this shines throughout her everyday work. While she may spend a good portion of the day at the computer, this doesn’t mean that her creative juices aren’t constantly flowing. Throughout her successes, she has remained humble and excited about each new venture that arises before her. With an easy going personality and a willingness to help, Lacey brings a bit of quirkiness and, of course coffee in hand, to the studio each day.

Lacey is also the lead photographer for our sister brand, Eleanor & Pete! Prices start at $1800 for wedding coverage.