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Gabrielle Brookes



Hello, I’m Gabrielle! I am probably the most awkward tall girl you will meet. I’ve learned to embrace it, although my face will occasionally turn into a tomato (girl shrugging shoulders emoji). Aside from being awkward, I am also a really picky eater. I used to live off of chocolate milk (8 glasses a day to be exact), hot dogs and mac 'n cheese - but only the mac n' cheese with shapes! It’s okay though, that’s why I play volleyball to work it off.

I am a sucker for the past. I love, love, LOVE looking at old photos and home videos. It makes me laugh because I used to make music videos and little skits with my friends- but I think I had more fun than they did. Some things just never change…I’m currently studying Radio/TV and Film at UCF!

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